Living your best life

4 Tips on Living your Best Life

REMEMBER Living your best life is genuinely subjective; your best is personal, and only you know what best for you.




I can’t stress this enough! You don’t know how many people I talk to who say the same thing, “ If only I had more money.” We live in a time where income is absolutely essential! But something more important than money is our expenses. Learning to live below your means is the first step in living your best life. Try to save more than 10% of whatever you make.

Living your Best Life

2. Work on Yourself to Empower Others


Nothing comes without sacrifice, and everything comes in time. Self-reflection is your best road map, so working on yourself, by doing it, you’ll slowly improve your skill. As time passes, you will see progress, and so will others. True, some will “hate” or criticize you for something that they do not have. However, your friends and family can all benefit from your new-found value!

Living your Best Life

3. Trust in inches & Love in Miles 


Some individuals will take advantage of or even flat out steal. As badly as you’d like to put your rage into use, remember that these people can teach us the most about life. Identify the “red flags in character” But also recognize that no one is perfect, as much as we would like to think we are. As funny as it sounds, people can find themselves worthy of love once trust is built, which comes through affirmative gestures between two people. But once it’s established, Love Hard! Be Loyal!


4. Do What you Say

You can achieve anything you want in life; all you have to do is have the courage to dream it, the intelligence to make a realistic plan, and the will to see that plan through to the end.


Powerful be the ones who do what they say!”

-Daniel Pullara 



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