Life Reflections on Squash Soup: Happiness Starts with your mind and body

Life Reflections & The Start of Many More Here’s are life reflections on nutrition and well being hope my experiences help you as much as they did for me! Growing up, I didn’t like food much; I only ate “mirliton … Read More

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how to use kangen water

How to use Kangen Water: A Simple Introduction

How to use Kangen Water: A Simple Introduction The Clean Water Problem  Drinking clean water should be a primary health priority but that’s easier said than done. In 2019 many of the traditional ways we drink water, either through the tap or … Read More

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Living your best life

4 Tips on Living Your Best Life

 4 Tips on Living your Best Life: REMEMBER Living your best life is genuinely subjective; your best is personal, and only you know what best for you. 1. SAVE YOUR MONEY $$   I can’t stress this enough! You don’t … Read More

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yoga in oahu

What’s it like living in Hawaii

[Español más abajo] ↓ 🙂 2017 was one of the best years of my life; year of external exploration and internal discovery. I spent months reading a good book, dreaming, crying, smiling, and even climbing mountains. Weekends full of fascinating … Read More

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hawaii yoga

Yoga teacher training, experience in Hawaii

[Español más abajo] ↓ 🙂   I pray for this! In 2013 I took my first yoga class ever, and something told me that this would be forever. I found myself getting up early and attending all the free sessions … Read More

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[Español más abajo] ↓ 🙂 Hello! My name is Paulina, I am the 5th out of seven brothers and sisters. I grew up in a very small city in a huge family. My childhood was surrounded by nature and friends … Read More

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